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The Flatirons Lacrosse Academy

Intensive Offensive Training

  • Develop Players By Training Differently

  • Inspire A Love For The Game

  • Inspire Hard Work

  • Trust In The process

Our Philosophy

The Flatirons Lacrosse Academy believes that all lacrosse players can reach their potential if, and only if they are willing to be different. Greatness thinks differently, acts differently and most importantly...TRAINS DIFFERENTLY! We strive to be the the difference maker by giving athletes the tools needed to take their game to new heights. We will do this by utilizing a low player to coach ratio, hands-on coaching approach and an intensive training curriculum that is tailored to each individuals needs and desired outcomes. It's simple. Want to stand out? Be DIFFERENT. 

Our Story

Lacrosse is more than a game. Lacrosse is a culture. Lacrosse is a lifestyle. This stands true for me, Kyle Burto, the founder of the Flatirons Lacrosse Academy. After 7 years as an elementary school teacher and the arrival of our first child, I took the leap of faith and stepped away from my career in the classroom. I wanted to give back to a game that has given me so much. I wanted to put my energy into my family and into teaching the next generation of players all that this sport has taught me. Throughout my almost 10 years of high school and youth coaching I have developed a deep passion for developing players the proper way. So, I decided to step away from the classroom to build something that I truly believed in. Out of this desire came the Flatirons Lacrosse Academy. Through FLA I will treat training sessions like a classroom. I will utilize the many instructional teaching strategies, lesson planning abilities and curriculum development skills that I've acquired in the classroom to be the best coach possible for the athletes I have the pleasure of coaching. Each training session will be high intensity and utilize a hands-on coaching approach, a detailed lesson plan and skill specific learning targets. Athletes will receive constructive feedback throughout all sessions. I have developed an intensive curriculum that will connect each individual player with the skills and drills necessary to improve their game no matter what their present skill level may be. FLA believes in order to be different, you must TRAIN DIFFERENT. Our unique instructional approach creates athletes that are difference makers for their teams!